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Did A Shoe Just Drop?

   Way back in May of 2022 (which seems like years ago now only 6 months later) my friend, editor, and co-conspirator from England Dave Gurman, had the crazy idea that there might be a market for a 25th anniversary … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Being Stupid

About a year into the pandemic, I was marveling at the anti-vaxers willingness to test their own immune systems often followed by their panicked attempts to jump to the head of the line in healthcare and even begging for a … Continue reading

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Miles and Miles to Travel (1994)

February 2022: This is a really old one. I was living and working in Colorado at the time. An old friend called wanting to celebrate his recent brush with Microsoft fortune and fame by inviting me to his place near … Continue reading

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I Shouda Been A Contender

When I was young, still “made out of rubber and magic,” and full of unfounded confidence in my invulnerability I restarted my motorcycling life with a purchase of a 1971 Kawasaki 350 Big Horn. Motorcycles had been a big, then … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Review & Bikes I’ve Owned and Loved (a lot or a little): Suzuki TU250X

All Rights Reserved © 2009/2015/2021 Thomas W. Day This started off as a “review” and a really brief one (see [Initial Review August 2009] below). In May of 2021, I stumbled into decent buy on a TU250X and bought it, … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Bingo

Here’s the card, in case you want to play. Some of these statements are really interesting; to me. The “Have more than 200,000 lifetime miles” question, for example. Several times in the last 20 years I’ve tried to add up … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa

Back to Basics All Rights Reserved © 2008 Thomas W. Day When I got back from Alaska, I’d had enough of riding a touring bike on dirt roads. Going upside down and backwards at 50mph with 500 pounds of motorcycle … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: Suzuki V-Strom 650

Me and Wee All Rights Reserved © 2007 Thomas W. Day The concise, well-edited, more politically correct version of this article can be found at the Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly website: Sport bikes, including the “standard” SV650, are for kids … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: Pure Polaris Electric Scooter

And Now for Something Really Different An absolutely valid rap “against” the bikes I usually ride is that nobody ever looks at my ride and I rarely hear “wow! what a cool looking bike.”  If that bothered me, the Pure … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1999 Suzuki SV650

Learn more about this bike The SV and I have had a recent and occasionally scary life together. My first experience on the bike practically exposed me to the entire assortment of nasty Midwestern weather. I picked the bike up, … Continue reading

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