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Getting Parked and My Opinion

February 2022: Man, talk about digging up the past! I wrote this essay after writing an essay, twice, about the subject of motorcycles and urban parking. Andy has been a good friend for longer than he has known me, having … Continue reading

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Miles and Miles to Travel (1994)

February 2022: This is a really old one. I was living and working in Colorado at the time. An old friend called wanting to celebrate his recent brush with Microsoft fortune and fame by inviting me to his place near … Continue reading

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Fixin’ What Ain’t Broke

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the heads of the average consumer? Take, for example, cable television. Why the hell would anyone pay a nickel for dozens of channels of “reality” crap, extended sales pitches, recycled network sitcoms, and 1950’s … Continue reading

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Product Review: Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants

February 2022: When I started moving my blog from Google Blooger (when Google started warning bloggers that they would soon be discontinuing support) I really tried to get all of the “important” stuff moved. Clearly, senility is streaking into my … Continue reading

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Geezer with A Grudge Column November: What Really Signals the End?

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