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The World’s Fastest Indian

I’d read a review, in a local news rag that I’ll leave unnamed (bullshit, it was City Pages), that really panned this film and had almost convinced me to take a pass on it.  The reviewer said that Sir Anthony … Continue reading

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This Isn’t A Question of “Be Careful of What You Wish For”

Barry Strang wanted to be a Harley owner his whole life. After 38 years of wishing, he bought one and killed himself on it within a few minutes of riding it off of the dealer’s lot. The local newspaper reported … Continue reading

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The Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

All Rights Reserved © 2005 Thomas W. Day I admit that I’m a camping wimp in my old age.  I used to enjoy sleeping on the ground after a long day’s hike or ride, but I have too many marginally … Continue reading

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Leave Us Outta This Shit!

Big Government douchebags in North Carolina (go figure) swapped a discussion and bill about Motorcycle Safety for an under-the-sheets anti-abortion ambush on July 10. A day later, the wingnut bill was passed and that set off a firestorm of protests … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Top Dead Center

by Kevin Cameron, 2007 All Rights Reserved © 2008 Thomas W. Day Kevin Cameron’s first book, The Sportbike Performance Handbook, has been in my library since 1998. Between that first book and his columns and articles in Cycle and Cycle … Continue reading

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Glad We Aren’t Them

A few years ago, I wrote a rant about the dumbasses who spend thousands on bicycles (“My Kind of Market”). I was clearly reminded of that this week when I went shopping with the idea of replacing my 25+ year-old … Continue reading

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Who’s A Newbie?

The May issue of Motorcyclist had a brief review of the new Honda 500 twins with the lead-in, “Honda’s new CTX twins are made for newbies.” The article was slightly less stupid than the intro, but the conclusion Motorcyclist made … Continue reading

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