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Why I Love Dawson City

February 2022: This is another old won, originally a Geezer with A Grudge Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly column from 2013. All Rights Reserved © 2013 Thomas W. Day I’ve written about this a couple of times, but on a vacation trip … Continue reading

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Product Review: Thor 50/50 Motocross Boot

February 2022: Yep, one more old article recently moved to WordPress. All Rights Reserved © 2009 Thomas W. Day“The ultimate motocross boot to meet the demands of professional riders.” Yeah, that’s what I need for touring backroads on my 250 … Continue reading

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Fixin’ What Ain’t Broke

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the heads of the average consumer? Take, for example, cable television. Why the hell would anyone pay a nickel for dozens of channels of “reality” crap, extended sales pitches, recycled network sitcoms, and 1950’s … Continue reading

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