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A Fogged Mirror

An entertaining and recent L.A. Times article about motorcycling demographics, “California biker profile? Old, married, and moneyed,” does two things: 1) it accurately portrays who motorcyclists are, not just in California, but across the country and 2) it accidentally demonstrates … Continue reading

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The RV Era Is Dead

When we got back to Minnesota this spring, I put the RV up for sale on Craig’s List and dug into the business of getting our house ready to sell and eliminating three decades of accumulated stuff (or “shit” as … Continue reading

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The Hi-Viz Horn Test

All Rights Reserved © 2012 Thomas W. Day [Sadly, I’m not enough of a code writer to pull off getting the audio samples to work on Google Blogger. It took me forever to get them to work on my old … Continue reading

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A Tale of Degrading Service

The AAA Minnesota/Iowa branch has been a non-stop disappointment since we moved here from Colorado in 1996. By that time, I’d been a AAA member for almost 20 years and had pretty much assumed I’d hang on to that membership … Continue reading

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#69 Legislation vs. Freedom of Choice

All Rights Reserved © 2007 Thomas W. Day The AMA (the motorcycle AMA, not the medical AMA) and ABATE have taken on an interesting job. They appear to be motorcycling’s watchdogs, protecting the rest of us from helmet laws and … Continue reading

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When You Know the Bike Is Smarter than the Rider

Ok, I know that Facebook isn’t where anyone would go to find signs of intelligent life on this planet. Still, I’d once hoped that the yamaha wr250x & wr250r group wouldn’t be non-stop stupid. I was wrong.  Overwhelmingly, the kiddies … Continue reading

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Minnesota Vintage Bike Show

I took these pictures last month and they have been sitting on my tablet since. Sorry. This bike show was at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and it’s always an interesting show. If you know me, my interest in this era … Continue reading

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More of the Usual

Coming back from Chanhassen Wednesday night, I ended up beside a unicyclist (not the guy in the picture, but a guy like him) apparently commuting home from work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these things outside of circus acts … Continue reading

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