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My Motorcycles: 1982 Yamaha XTZ550 Vision

Learn more about this bike The Yamaha Vision was a great bike, for me. The picture above isn’t really of the bike I owned. I snagged this picture from the Yamaha Vision Users webpage, because I never, ever, took a … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1980 Honda CX500

More stuff about this bike It really irritates me that I don’t have a picture of my burgundy CX500 Deluxe. It was my first street bike, since the 1963 Harley Sprint, and I put over 120,000 miles on the bike. … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1975-76 OSSA dirt bikes

For two years in the mid-70’s, I ran a microscopic dirt bike shop out of my garage, code name “Dirt Shop.” My wife hated the name because she was constantly receiving packages at our home addressed to the Dirt Shop.  … Continue reading

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Little Terrors

Early last week, I was riding the WR to school in the morning (Yeah, I know that I’m old and should have managed to escape school by now.) and on the way up a long hill, into the sun, when … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1974 Suzuki RL250 Trials

The Suzuki RL250 was one of the few bikes I’ve owned that was a constant disappointment and a complete competitive disaster. The RL was an awful trialer, with little torque, a poor suspension, too much height, and poor reliability. It … Continue reading

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