The Geezer Story

I stumbled upon this column name (Geezer with a Grudge) about 18 years ago, in 2000. The first Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly editor I worked with, in late 1999, complained that the magazine was getting no mail and the editors wanted to know if any readers were still out there. I fired off a sarcastic note, as a joke, intended to provide a little humor and some feedback. He published it as an article and later called me to say he’d received more mail on that letter than he’d received in the past year! I followed that with an offer to write a monthly column attempting to piss off a particular section of the magazine’s readership to see if that tactic would generate some mail.

It did, probably more regularly than the magazine wants at times, and I’ve been doing the column ever since.

I plan to post an occasional old Geezer article into the blog, followed by short comments about the current status of my perspective on our activity/sport/vehicle of choice.

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