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Did A Shoe Just Drop?

   Way back in May of 2022 (which seems like years ago now only 6 months later) my friend, editor, and co-conspirator from England Dave Gurman, had the crazy idea that there might be a market for a 25th anniversary … Continue reading

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#1 What Are We Riding For? (The original, from whence The Geezer came from ;-) October 1999

February 2022: Now we’re really in the Wayback Machine to 1999, the very first Geezer with A Grudge column (before it was called that) in the original Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Magazine. I wrote this first essay on a dare from … Continue reading

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#133 The Trouble with Being the Solution to A Big Problem

February 2022: This one, published in Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly and in the Google blog, drew a lot of heated gibberish responses. That pretty much made it one of my all-time favorites. It received 3,400 hits on the Google blog, which … Continue reading

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This Is Who They Are

Mostly, I keep my political opinions on another location and, yep, I am a “libtard” as are all of the intelligent people I have ever known in my life. If there were ever going to be a moment where my … Continue reading

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March with Fast Lane Biker Magazine

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Stereotypes and Typical Behavior

A few weeks ago, on a warm Saturday, my hometown was infested with the usual collection of bozos on bikes. Traffic on Old Main Street was jammed up and loud as a 1950’s drag strip. Driving through that section of … Continue reading

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I Ride Too Good

All Rights Reserved © 2017 Thomas W. Day On the way back home through South Dakota in July a couple of years ago, I decided to count the number of times someone said, “It’s awful hot to be wearing all … Continue reading

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