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Before #1: Geezers on Beemers: (AKA: Steamboat Springs 1997)

All Rights Reserved © 1997 Thomas W. Day [For the last many years, I’ve said Geezer #1 "What Are We Riding For? (The original, from whence The Geezer came from October 1999" was the first thing I ever wrote for … Continue reading

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#77 On Being Alone

February 2022: This is another old one, from 2008, and another Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Geezer with A Grudge column. For me, today, there were a lot of insights into my own personality here that I didn’t unpack until I’d been … Continue reading

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I Shouda Been A Contender

When I was young, still “made out of rubber and magic,” and full of unfounded confidence in my invulnerability I restarted my motorcycling life with a purchase of a 1971 Kawasaki 350 Big Horn. Motorcycles had been a big, then … Continue reading

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Seat of the Pants Performance Comparisons

A few years ago, when I was still capable of riding half-quickly and competently off-road, I was riding with a group of Twin Cities Dual Purpose guys north of the Cities. The “route” was a convoluted collection of gravel and … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1975-76 OSSA dirt bikes

For two years in the mid-70’s, I ran a microscopic dirt bike shop out of my garage, code name “Dirt Shop.” My wife hated the name because she was constantly receiving packages at our home addressed to the Dirt Shop.  … Continue reading

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