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Did A Shoe Just Drop?

   Way back in May of 2022 (which seems like years ago now only 6 months later) my friend, editor, and co-conspirator from England Dave Gurman, had the crazy idea that there might be a market for a 25th anniversary … Continue reading

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Product Review: Sargent Cycle Products World Sport Performance Seat

04/2022 This is another really old (2009) MMM review/Geezer column. There are two interesting, at least to me, things about this review: 1) It is a great product that I lived with for 70,000 miles and 2) This was the … Continue reading

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Where Did All the Miles Take Me?

As of April 27, 2020 for the first time since sometime in early 1969, I do not own a motorcycle. That one brief hole in my motorcycle life between early ‘68 and late ‘69 was due to the distraction provided … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Bingo

Here’s the card, in case you want to play. Some of these statements are really interesting; to me. The “Have more than 200,000 lifetime miles” question, for example. Several times in the last 20 years I’ve tried to add up … Continue reading

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It’s Big or Nothing

All Rights Reserved © 2012 Thomas W. Day My two days on the Yamaha Super Ténéré were eye-opening. There is an incredible amount of technology in that bike, just like the list of technology inside Yamaha’s R1/R6/FZ1/FZ6 bikes or Honda’s … Continue reading

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Bike Review: Me and Wee

All Rights Reserved © 2007 Thomas W. Day [The concise, well-edited, more politically correct version of this article might be found at the Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly website: Sport bikes, including the “standard” SV650, are for kids (meaning anyone under … Continue reading

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