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Product Review: Thor 50/50 Motocross Boot

February 2022: Yep, one more old article recently moved to WordPress. All Rights Reserved © 2009 Thomas W. Day“The ultimate motocross boot to meet the demands of professional riders.” Yeah, that’s what I need for touring backroads on my 250 … Continue reading

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Product Review: Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag

February 2022: This is a much older review than the copyright notice below suggests. It was written in 2009 for another MMM Geezer with A Grudge column. My already low opinion of Wolfman dropped even further when a representative of … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Review: Riding High 2002 KLR 650

[This is pretty cool. Way back in 2002, I was still wearing my 1984 Aerostich Roadcrafter. I’d almost forgotten about that old reliable suit with the cotton stuffed into the shoulders, elbows, and knees as “armor.” It was so worn … Continue reading

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