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Before #1: Geezers on Beemers: (AKA: Steamboat Springs 1997)

All Rights Reserved © 1997 Thomas W. Day [For the last many years, I’ve said Geezer #1 "What Are We Riding For? (The original, from whence The Geezer came from October 1999" was the first thing I ever wrote for … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1986 Yamaha TY350 Trials

For no good reason, I’d barely used this bike when I gave it up. (Ok, there was a pretty good reason. I’d bruised my right knee badly enough that the bone was beginning to atrophy. My orthopedic surgeon recommended that … Continue reading

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My Motorcycles: 1974 Suzuki RL250 Trials

The Suzuki RL250 was one of the few bikes I’ve owned that was a constant disappointment and a complete competitive disaster. The RL was an awful trialer, with little torque, a poor suspension, too much height, and poor reliability. It … Continue reading

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