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Product Review: Thor 50/50 Motocross Boot

February 2022: Yep, one more old article recently moved to WordPress. All Rights Reserved © 2009 Thomas W. Day“The ultimate motocross boot to meet the demands of professional riders.” Yeah, that’s what I need for touring backroads on my 250 … Continue reading

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Product Review: Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants

February 2022: When I started moving my blog from Google Blooger (when Google started warning bloggers that they would soon be discontinuing support) I really tried to get all of the “important” stuff moved. Clearly, senility is streaking into my … Continue reading

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From Diapers to Trikes and Back Again

I live in an old fart’s town in southeastern Minnesota. If you visit one of our remaining mid-Covid plague restaurants on a weekday you’d assume the average age here must be close to 100. On summer weekends, the old fart … Continue reading

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How Do You Know I “Can’t Ride?”

One of the local gangbangers was justifying his noise maker on the grounds of “safety,” and I recommended, as always, that he invest some time in learning how to ride competently. His response was, “How do you know I can’t … Continue reading

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Geezer with A Grudge Column November: What Really Signals the End?

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PT Hot Tip

On Sunday, I got a really nasty reminder that I’m old. (I know, that’s what mirrors are for.) My wife and I were going for an early morning bike ride and while I was waiting for her to get ready, … Continue reading

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Geezer with A Grudge in Fast Lane Biker – July

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Spam Magnet

I admit, I don’t know what the purpose of spam attached to blog comments could be. Call me “stupid,” I’m used to it, but one rant I’ve written rises above all others as a spam magnet, “Start Seeing Corners and … Continue reading

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Anger Issues

In a post on a Facebook motorcycle group (Yamaha WR250X & WR250R), a new owner’s asked what sorts of farkles and upgrades he should buy for his new bike and someone suggested, “If you add an exhaust, power commander, air … Continue reading

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Assigning Blame, Taking Responsibility

A blast from my past called this weekend, wanting to talk about his summer’s misfortunes. We’ll call him “P” to protect his ego and our relationship. In early August (2019), P was sailing down a country two-lane, minding his own … Continue reading

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