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Go Places, Meet People, Burn Their Fuel

August 2022: This is another old one, from the Geezer blog (never published) in 2008. I thought enough of the title to turn it into a t-shirt and I still wear that shirt often. I sent this one in from … Continue reading

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No, 70 Is Not the New 50

A good friend and I are trying to plan a moderately unscheduled motorcycle trip, meeting in South Dakota and traveling up the Hills into Teddy Roosevelt and across to Bismarck, before we split up and he heads north into Canada … Continue reading

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Product Review: Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag

February 2022: This is a much older review than the copyright notice below suggests. It was written in 2009 for another MMM Geezer with A Grudge column. My already low opinion of Wolfman dropped even further when a representative of … Continue reading

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Product Review: Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag, Dry Bag, & Diablo Tank Bag

All Rights Reserved © 2011 Thomas W. Day   The left side view of the whole caboodle packed and ready for a camping trip to Wisconsin. After a moto-camping trip to Canada, I realized that my small bike luggage had … Continue reading

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The Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

All Rights Reserved © 2005 Thomas W. Day I admit that I’m a camping wimp in my old age.  I used to enjoy sleeping on the ground after a long day’s hike or ride, but I have too many marginally … Continue reading

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