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Book Review: A Craftsman’s Legacy

A Craftsman’s Legacy: Why Working with Our Hands Gives Us Meaning is one more book by someone who left the corporate world for the world of making expensive garage sale bait for the 1% and a few fools who want … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

by Robert Pirsig, 1974 All Rights Reserved © 2012 Thomas W. Day In 2014, Zen (or ZAMM) will celebrate its 40th year in publication. It is one of the best read books in history. Google returns 2 million hits for … Continue reading

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Bodies in Motion

by Steven L. Thompson, 2008 All Rights Reserved © 2011 Thomas W. Day This academic look at motorcycles and motorcycling might be the first and only publication issued by Aero Design and Manufacturing (aka Aerostich). Andy Goldfine wrote the forward … Continue reading

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