What it all Means

Right Side

Left   Side

1.8 1.7
1.8 1.6
6.5 6.1
8.2 10.1
5.7 6.4
0.2 0.6
5.5 4.4   Full Face Coverage
2.1 1.9 45.3%
Chin 19.4 15.2
Top 0.4

Motorcycle Helmet Impact StudyEver think about that butcher’s chart Icon plastered all over the Airframe Statistic? Your first thought should be how many first impacts occur to the areas of the head unprotected by all helmets that are NOT full face: 45%. Those riciculous things I can only describe as “toilet bowl helmets” add another 12% of unprotected area over traditional 3/4 coverage helmets. I’m not kidding when I say, “That is not a helmet.” It is barely a hat.

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