Going Naked

I’ll bet that title scared the crap out of you, didn’t it? By “naked,” I don’t mean me or, even, Robbye. I mean we’re going to explore a bit of southern New Mexico without our safety blanket, the WR250X. If I hadn’t brought the WR, we would most likely have either abandoned our RV or been forced to spend a fortune on hopeless repair jobs in an attempt to escape New Mexico. The WR gave us the option of waiting out parts, searching for mechanical competence (which we found thanks to my ability to explore TorC and Elephant Butte until I stumbled on to Victor Cano-Linson AND BigVictorsAutomotive because of the WR’s competence as a street bike), and the freedom to remain tourists and explorers while our RV was not a reliable vehicle.

The final page in the VW-water-soluble solution; the vanishing TCM terminals. If you look closely at this picture, you’ll notice that the first and last pins of the middle row are gone. They corroded completely away.

The VW seems to be mostly working, after cobbling together a TCM connector failure patch, that jumped the corroded terminals on the TCM straight to the wiring harness. If I ever find a replacement TCM, I’ll have to clip the jumpers, but I can do that after testing the replacement without harm or foul. So, we’re going to “test it.” We’ve dropped off the WR, bicycles, and trailer for a couple of weeks and we’re heading into the mountains on Wednesday. The chances are good to absolute that we’ll be without phone or WiFi service for several days. Fingers crossed, hopes held high, and off we go. For the first time in 3 months, I’m leaving the only reliable transportation we have behind and venturing out into the wilderness with nothing but Eurotrash for transportation. We’re gonna need all the luck we can buy for the next couple of weeks.

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