Loafin’ in Texas

We’re livin’ the high life this week. We drove all day from Arkansas to Lake Texoma and ended up landing at our destination (Cedar Mills Marina & Resort)  too late to check in and too tired to worry about it. Luck has been with us for most of the trip, so when I hiked to the marina’s office, Wednesday morning, the folks who run the place were as accommodating as if we’d have actually made reservations (like we planned on doing). When I wrote to the RV park, about a month ago, I was told that “all of our campsites have a lake view.” At the time, I blew that off as nonsense because nobody lays out a campsite that generously. I was wrong (as I so often am). There are no bad spaces on this campground.

Unconsciously, we popped for a “full hookup” site: water, electric, and sewer. We’ve been using dump sites and our on-board water for three weeks, so having unlimited water and sewage “capacity” is a real luxury. Unfortunately, our hot water heater doesn’t work, so we can’t take advantage of being in a full kitchen, yet. I’ll mess with that later this week.

Even better, we’re here off-season and there is only one other RV in the campground. Once again, we own the place. It’s a little cooler today than the weather prediction, but it’s still a long way above freezing. I’m going to unload the WR and take a ride around town this afternoon, just to see what else is here.

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