This One’s for You, Chris

chris sidecarFor some reason, this picture has been sitting on my desktop for almost a year. When I saw it, I thought about my friend, Chris Luhman, and his fascination with the Ural machinery. I think if you can ride a Ural, you could tolerate this silly-assed idea. Right?

Everything about three-wheels, side-cars, and riding with this kind of mass evades me. It looks considerably less fun than a decent convertible and a lot less comfortable. If you can’t lean it, why ride it?

real luggage

On a not-very-related topic, I got caught up in a bar discussion about luggage and travelling light vs. carrying the kitchen sink. This is another picture that has sat on the desktop for several months waiting for a reason to shift into the blog-o-sphere. I don’t think I’m going to find a real “reason” to use this, so I’m just posting it to clean up my desktop.

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