Backing Myself Up

For the last decade, everything I’ve written for Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly magazine was archived on the magazine’s website and on my own site. There is a chance that Comcast is going to eliminate the users’ webpage feature (hardly any customers use it and it hasn’t been available for new customers for several years). When that happens, that history will be gone because MMM’s website is pretty much a clusterfuck and doesn’t appear to be on the path to getting better any time soon. That puts me in a pretty awkward position and I’m too old for almost any of the stuff in the Kama Sutra. Hell, I’m probably too old to be able to read the damn thing.

So, I’m thinking about scheduling a reposting of every one of my past Geezer columns right here in this blog. Google doesn’t seem to be going anywhere (no offense, to Larry Page and Sergey Brin in case they are lurking) and I’d like to know where some of my stuff is in case I have yet another of my many computer disasters in the future. So, if there is no immediate outrage at the thought of having to suffer through my 125-or more non-blogged essays, I’m going to be cutting-and-pasting a crap load of stuff from my ancient past (1999 to 2013) right here over the next 100-and-something days. I might even repost some of the product and bike reviews here, if that’s acceptable.

Thanks for your patience, as always.


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